Day 240 of 365: The Unwritten PHCN & Viewing Center Rule


I miss the days of watching football at a Viewing Center especially back when I was in the University. It was always always fun with a lot of people yapping rubbish and a lot of lies popping up as stats. Despite the rubbish spewed, I’d still look forward to going back the next day or whenever there was a game to catch.

I however noticed something back then, whenever there was a football match, PHCN always took light but I didn’t pay much attention to it afterall I didn’t have a DSTV in my room so I’d eventually have to go out to watch the match. I now mentioned the taking of light issue taking before football matches to a friend and he said didnt I know the Viewing Center guys and PHCN guys had an agreement.  He further said the guys running the Viewing Center always bribed PHCN to take the light before games so that guys could come out to watch football.

During one of the Africa Cup of Nations’ tourney, just before all Nigeria’s games they will take the light. My cousin who was my roommate bought a small generator (I better pass my neighbour), Shout out to Labimbi. So I didn’t have to go out to watch the Nations Cup then. A lot of people will now come to my hall and my room, in particular, to watch Nigeria play. Labimbi isn’t a big football head so he always left the room for us.

It was a few days later someone told me that oga you dey collect person customer. I didn’t put the generator on for football afterwards.



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