Day 239 of 365: One more DANCE!!!


Cristiano Ronaldo staged a return to where his greatness kicked off, Manchester United. Ronaldo asked to leave Juventus and Juventus were willing to cash out on him provided his buyout clause was met. The rumours became rife that he would be returning to England with several sources linking him to Manchester City and Manchester United.

I honestly didn’t want Manchester United to sign him again as he could stunt the growth of some of the younger lads in the United set up but I’d rather have that happen than have him sign for Manchester City. United however hijacked the deal before the noisy neighbours could get their acts together.

Ronaldo is back to Manchester United and the current manager of the team, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer knows a thing or two about the Portuguese star. They both played for United. My worry for Solskjaer is that the pressure has totally shifted his way and it is looking like the team’s executive will lay claim to supporting him with the needed materials.

To me the Manchester United owners; the Glazers family used the acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo to win the fans over to their side. Does it mean Ronaldo’s acquisition will bring silverware to United? Time will tell but I don’t think Ronaldo is the missing piece of the Manchester United puzzle especially if long term is to be considered.

It is one more dance for arguably the best ever footballer.




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