DAY 236 OF 365: Nigeria Up for Sale (My Thoughts)

Source: Tayo Fatunla (Africa Cartoons)

All formalities had been concluded, it was just the official hand over left. He was all smiles and so proud of himself. He felt he had done the right thing for self and country.  You know that moment when you score your team’s winning goal at the World Cup final in extra time? That was exactly how he felt. Not long after he awoke from his dream, it was a dream all along. A dream he wished he had not awoken from, a dream he wished had come true. He got out of bed saying in Yoruba parlance “ala go” (dreams are dumb) hissing while at it. He looked at the time and realized he was late for work. A query awaits him, double trouble in all.

What was he dreaming about? He had won the Presidential election in Nigeria and had ruled for 7 years approaching his final year as President. He met with the U.S President and struck a deal which in his opinion would better Nigeria. The rigours of ruling the country had gotten to him a while back but he struggled to make it through 7 years fighting just one thing which had eaten up the nation and had  threatened its growth; CORRUPTION. His idea was to sell the nation to the United States because he believed it was the best country in the world and development rate is really high which is commendable. Fortunately and unfortunately he woke up when the deal was about to be sealed.

Now the question is can’t Nigeria be sold to a conglomerate of four to five nations that would have the strongest economy of the five as the Ruler/CEO and the other nations serving as board of directors of some sort? These guys will now nominate a local of the Nigerian state to direct affairs of the nation as instructed by them. Now the flip side or the downside could however be how the transparency of ruling the newly acquired Nigeria would be measured. Crazy idea right? I figured.

I have always envisioned a Nigeria where we have a group of companies (other countries) bid for the right to rule us, just like some football clubs. In Arsenal there are majority shareholders like Stan Kronke, Alisher Usmanov and Farhad Moshiri to mention a few (Arsenal fans pardon me if I am wrong), in Manchester United we have the Glazers and West Ham United there’s David Sullivan and David Gold as major shareholders. What do these listed people have in common? To make profits for the club and to achieve the ambitions of being economically, socially and environmentally viable. What else does a country need?

Remember this is the random musings of a young man and I didn’t mean to offend anybody. I want a better country for all of us and I want to be a part of whatever that would make this country great.  GOD Bless Nigeria and everywhere else. Nigeria yii ti gbogbo wa ni, ko de ni baje (This Nigeria is ours and it will stay strong).

Thank you very much for your time guys and GOD Bless.

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