Day 228 of 365: Take me back to the WEEKEND!!!


The car losing its memory on Saturday was not going to ruin my weekend. Two of my friends; XL and Clubless came over.  We go way back to my University days. Two things we have in common is football and music, hip-hop/rap in particular. So we still remember who was the other’s favourite artist and album. So at first it was music over booze after I got back from radio. They had told their wives they were spending the night at Dipo’s.

Later, we went out to go get fish, there was traffic and we decided go through every short cut available as we were heading to Psychia. I had called the fish woman to make fish for us.  We bursted out at Moore Road only for XL who was driving to look to his left spotting Papie’s Meatro; an urban lounge if I say so myself. He was like Dipo why didnt you mention this place to us and that we had to come back after picking up the fish. We did just that, spending a couple of hours at Papie’s having drinks and something to munch on. We got home and had to just put tht fish in the freezer as we were filled up. Gisted over music before we all slept off.

Then the next morning Stan ‘D’ Man stepped into building. I had stuff to do but when next will I see these guys again? We brought out one of the two fishes bought the previous night and warmed it for starters. Stan then  suggested we got bread and eggs with pepper and other condiments to go with fried eggs. Stan earned the right to fry eggs for me after not letting anyone else except the sisters fry for me. The mad man said he had not entered the kitchen in 5 years. The eggs came out great anyway.

Whilst breakfast was being contemplated and served we were doing a Tupac verzuz Biggie battle till the lads started snoozing. I rushed to Yaba to go get my hair cut and rush back to prepare for a groomsmen meeting. Yours truly was picked as best man for my cousin’s upcoming wedding. Meeting went well and it was a great opportunity to meet with family I had not seen in a bit.

Apart from not getting much rest, it was a nice WEEKEND and would give an arm to have something like this once a quarter at the least. XL was supposed to go home with the other fish but he forget. I had it for dinner this night.



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