Day 218 of 365: Some people eat CATS!!!


One of the creepiest things for me ever has to be cats, no disrespect to cat lovers. Another creepy thing is waking up to find out someone is staring at me. One of my exes did this a few times. Hey, we are talking about cats for now.

My cousin once killed a cat, I didnt witness it but 2 people that were there told me. He caught the cat, threw it in a sack and smashed it by the vertex of a drainage till it gave up. Damn, that was brave, I guess. I see a cat and I still shriek inside.

So I was driving home from work one night and I nearly ran into a cat. I was quick to hit the brake and I muttered a thank GOD. I didn’t know someone was seriously hoping I knocked the cat over. A bikeman pulled over to my side of the car to ask me why I didnt hit the cat and that I denied him of his dinner. I laughed and drove off.

People eat cats? Hmmm.



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