Day 208 of 365: Most Luxurious Thing Without A Price Tag


I am biting from Tolu’s post. If I don’t get ideas from the person that has put me on this write everyday tip, then who should I get them from. Anyway like she said in her post she had not considered anything else as luxury other than wealth up until now and I kinda was in this same boat.

For me the most luxurious things without a price tag are; being around people that genuinely care, I love it when my brothers have conversations cos I get to always learn a new thing, I love when my nephew has a thing to say about what I post.

I love that I belong to the best WhatsApp group ever; the Naija Pundits, these guys can make a horrible day switch to the best day yet. I also love it when the Usual Suspects gather on the 29th of December every year.

These are just a few things that keep me going whenever I am down or worried. I could go on and on.



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