Day 192 of 365: Finding Hubby


If Msjazzyfied was the one that bullied me into writing Timi my person from High School should take credit for me reading Tunde Leye’s blog series on Finding Hubby (The Oyin Clegg Story). She called me that day in 2012 and asked if I had read the Finding Hubby series. I said no and that I would get right to it. I did and enjoyed every bit. In my head I said this would also be nice as a movie. Anyway, I became a Tunde Leye fan from that moment and read everything I found out he wrote.

Fast forward to 2020 and I got a pop up when I was browsing one day. Finding Hubby was made into a movie and be a cinema flick. I was glad. It dropped on the 4th of December and I said I would treat myself to it on the 21st of December, then I took ill.

I eventually saw it last night through this morning and I must say it is not a bad movie and would watch it again. There are still valid things to be learnt despite the story being told a long time ago. Another thing I have realized is that I prefer to read stories like this rather than watch them.



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