Day 191 of 365: I Miss Eggs


So in recent times, I have not had fried eggs and it is because I puke whenever I have them if I don’t fry them myself. It’s hard for me to ask someone to fry eggs for me except my brothers and their wives or my cousin and one or two other people. Could it be a psychological thing? Maybe, maybe not.

Growing up I used to love sunny side up but in my case, the yolk must be well fried just as the whites, I could not put that slimy stuff in my mouth anymore after I tried it once. I vomited and stayed off fried eggs for years.

Early March this year was when I last had fried eggs precisely. I was at one of my guy’s place when he asked his girlfriend to make a fast breakfast for me. She came up with bread and fried eggs and I couldn’t say no on seeing the eggs. I mean it would be bad of me to reject it.

Anyway 5 minutes after I felt like puking. I asked my friend if he had any soft drink in his fridge and he said no but he had booze. I asked that he poured me some and he was about giving me the moral crap of isn’t it too early to have a drink but looking at me with the eye I gave him he didn’t bother. Anyway, the booze helped.

Now I am craving eggs, so I will have eggs garnished with pepper and tomatoes tomorrow morning.



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