Day 190 of 365: I miss JOGGING


I have always loved jogging, it is the easiest form of exercise for me or should I say was the easiest as I have not jogged in 7 months. Essentially it is the only exercise I can do in recent times. I tried skipping a few times but it became boring. Using the treadmill has been the worst, you are just running on a particular spot.

I took jogging seriously in 2013, myself and my brother Damz would jog every morning between 5.30 am and 6.30 am before we got ready and headed to our offices. Sunday was the only exception. There was a break when Damz left the country. I have picked up a few times after then and even joined a few challenges on my Nike Run Club app but consistency is always key with these things.

I have missed jogging a whole lot but it ain’t safe no more in these climes.



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