Day 189 of 365: Still on the 3 Lions Matter

Source: Sky Sports

I am still basking in the euphoria of me going to witness England play in the final of a  major football tournament. Not that I would literally be at Wembley though. The feeling is ecstatic, like they have won the trophy. Now let me tell you the reason I am happy about the qualification for the final.

During my OOU days, some of my friends just wondered why I supported an underachieving team and one went as far as saying England will never go past the quarter-finals of a major tournament in our lifetime. Thank GOD he is not dead, lol. They have now played in back to back semi-finals going one step further by making it to a final.

You can imagine the hatred for this English side. Someone said if they were on the Italian side of the draws they would have been eliminated but hey if wishes were horses. Some cannot stand the hype the English team or players get from their media. Hello, they are doing their job, who would they rather hype? Please deal with it.

England have been solid at the back conceding just once in the 6 games they have played so far in the tourney. It was from a set-piece, a lovely freekick at that. I am wary of the Italians but they are human abeg.

I can’t wait for the Euro 2020 final between England and Italy. England all the way for me.



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