Day 186 of 365: Faze’s Independent Album


Is it possible for you not to be a fan of an artist but love their music? Well, I think it is anyway. Spotify has helped me a lot even though there is one particular song I have been looking for for like 19 years now that they couldn’t help me with. I don’t blame them though because even all the artists on the song cant boast of a copy (Yes I asked). The song is called For the Men by Two Shotz and his then duo mate Two Ply. They featured Trybesmen on this jam and it’s been a challenge getting the song. I also cant find Plantashun Boiz’ Body and Soul album on the platform, but hey we what,  we MOVE.

So 2 weeks ago a friend from Uni buzzed me and as he was saying hello I was hearing Faze’s Kpo Kpo di Kpo and I just remembered how some of my other friends back in school used to sing the song to call me instead of just saying my name Dipo. It will take me ages to explain the correlation.

Anyway, after the call, I quickly consulted with my Spotify app to see if it had Independent Album by Faze and yes it did. My favourite songs on the album were; Tattoo Girls, Alphabetic Love, Letter to My Brother (a Tuface diss track) and Kolomental (just because my nephew loved it then).

I wasn’t a Faze fan back then, still not a fan but Independent was a very good album and I have recently been listening to it every day.



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