Day 182 of 365: You need a Bullion Van to move around town with over 50K


I had just graduated from Uni and was waiting to go for NYSC. One of those boring days, one of my cousins asked me for a favour. He was going to the United Kingdom and he asked I help take some cash to his account officer who would in turn give me some Pounds for his trip. I got to his to bank and his account officer was like he didn’t have as much Pounds as my cousin would need at the moment. Relayed the message to my cousin and he asked that I collect the amount available and I should meet him at the Airport as he was running late. So I took a cab with the forex and the Naira left which amounted to about N450K and headed to the Airport.

Met my cousin at the Airport and handed the forex to him and he asked I took the Naira to his wife at home. I was going to drop the money off with his wife at the Omole area. I was almost at my destination when the cabman was stopped by the police. They asked me to come down and they saw I had a bulge on both sides of the combat shorts I wore. I was asked what I had in it and I said money.

Next thing I heard was that I was going to the station with them and when I asked what my offense was, one of them responded saying that it is an offense to carry more than 50k cash around in this country. He went on to say the services of a bullion van was needed to move around town with cash over 50k. I was about to laugh and I just held it in, you know why.

Anyway 10 kobo they didn’t get and it took the services of my bro Big Yomz and his friend to get me out of the mess.




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