Day 175 of 365: Tolu thinks Made in Lagos is better than Superstar


After yesterday’s post, where I stated Wizkid’s Superstar was his best ever body of work, Tolu had this to say, please listen to his Made in Lagos album. I was like I am not even a fan of the lad and I have only listened to his Superstar album consciously, every other Wizkid song I listened to was thrown at me. As in, I have never listened to any of his other albums, maybe just one or two singles off them. She begged me to listen to Made in Lagos and I obliged her. She said she had not deeply listened to Superstar but with Made in Lagos, in her words she has rinsed it (listened to it a whole lot)

Made in Lagos is a more mature sound, and it was only right the young man evolved, I guess. I listened to it 3 times and no doubt it is a masterpiece but I’d still rate Superstar ahead of it. Superstar is a classic CD everybody can vibe to; young or old and to say it was released 10 years ago means Made in Lagos will need to stand the test of time to warrant a comparison.

Like AOT2 said, Made in Lagos should have been named Superstar and Superstar tagged Made in Lagos and I agree with him. It would have only made sense that way as he has literally become a superstar now. Superstar had songs from all works of life. Love songs, owambe songs, tribute songs, you name it.

I am sorry Tolu but it is Superstar for me all day everyday and 3 times on Sunday.



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