Day 165 of 365: 20 friends cannot play for 20 years they say


There are some sayings that I just can’t relate to. They make sense no doubt but they just don’t sound right to me. One of them is the subject matter above and the one I can’t stand is the show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Bollocks.

So I was with 2 of my cousins earlier today and we conversing, then one of them said 20 friends cannot play for 20 years and the other agreed. As I mentioned above, I didn’t agree but I didn’t voice out my opinion. I can be like that, I didn’t want us to drag the matter or have an argument over it. Besides it is a popular saying so how does Dipo’s take matter? I just think we don’t have to hang out everyday, support the same football team or like the same movies to be friends. You don’t have to do stuff together to be regarded as friends, just treat yourselves as human beings, share your diversity in thoughts and support each other is a start.

Anyway, I think 20 friends can play for life and if 20 friends cannot play for 20 years, they never were friends to begin with. Friends depend on friends and if they have a problem with each other, they sort it and keep the bond.



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