Day 159 of 365: 3,401


I am always quick to mention Tolu bullied me into this writing everyday journey and to be fair I am glad she did. I am enjoying it as this is day 159. I started on day 12 which was the 12th of January, 2021. I didn’t start on the first day of the year because at the time I was fighting to stay alive. I also missed 7 days in March because I was changing my website’s host. So that’s 19 days missed of 159 days which means I have posted 140 times, this inclusive.

Now I didn’t expect these articles to be read as much as it has been followed at the moment. I was expecting people to get bored and I worried that people will want me to slow the pace. I was also worried for myself because I thought most of the posts would be about football or other sports.

The posts have usually been personal inventories which is probably the reason why it has been easy to whip up something. When I was switching hosts, people buzzed to find out why I wasn’t posting. I appreciate y’all. Oh by the way for your web hosting services and any web-based enquiries you can visit, they will sort you easy peasy.

I am happy to say as at the time of writing this, 139 posts have been read 3,401 times which means an average of 25 reads per article. This is huge for me.

A big thank you to everyone who has been following, this means so much to me. I appreciate y’all. BLESS!!!

Thank you, Tolu.




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