Day 144 of 365: My Flatmates (2)


Again My Flatmates is my favourite Nigerian TV series, it used to be defunct but the Principal Characters; popular comedian Bright Okpocha aka Basketmouth and Kayode Peters have been able to revive the program and even introduced new Characters.

I have been following the program closely for about 5 years now and it was great to recently find out my brothers are big fans of the show and we all have the same favourite character; Barrister Obus played by Buchi Ojieh who is also a comedian. A very crazy lad who has only one law case win under his belt (Okoro Vs. Okoro), oh let’s make it 2, he won a case which involved Sammy.

Obus however is the main reason I watch the series but I must mention these crazy lads; Prosper (KoloMan) who is the self acclaimed Chief Security Officer of the House where the original flatmates reside. Then there is also Titus (Mc Pashun) who was brought to Lagos by his elder brother Nduka played by Okey Bakassi to become an apprentice barber. These 2 guys (Prosper and Titus) are one of a kind, very funny lads.

Nduka is married to Sandra (Wofai Fada) and they currently seem estranged as Nduka’s big sister is trying to hitch him up with another lady. Nduka has a nephew (I think) called Tobias aka T Money played by former Big Brother Naija housemate Frodd. I like T Money a lot too. There is also Baba Landlord who owns the building that houses all these Characters. Let me not forget to mention Jite played by I Go Save who plays a mechanic and his equally sick wife Tejiri (DatWarriGirl).

Now we have the main flatmates which comprise of Frank (Basketmouth) the son of a billionaire who pays the rent of the flat, Chief Donatus (Senator Comedian) who’s people are always having something to say and was Frank’s School Father back in school, Wilberforce (Yaw) Frank’s friend and his first flatmate, Honourable Dan aka Chibuike Wike or (emphasis on the or) Wike Chibuike (Dan the Humorous) who is Wilberforce’s friend and then my guy Barrister Obus who’s elder brother is Frank’s friend. Then there’s the occasional appearance by former flatmate Sammy played by Emmanuel Ikubese, the guy whom Obus gets the credit for winning his 2nd case.

Koko is the UK returnee friend of Frank and Wilberforce married to Mandy (Sharon Ooja) who we hardly see these days. Koko owns a lounge (Koko’s Lounge)¬† where Wilberforce is the Chef and there’s Cletus (Funny Bone) who is always quick to rant about his 16 years of barmanship experience (serving drinks in a bar). Not to forget the beautiful Tania Omotayo who acts as Frank’s cousin whenever she decides to grace the screens. We also have Frank’s girlfriend of many years; Mimi Ekong (Rekiya Yusuf). We have also witnessed a lot of cameo appearances from celebs too.

My Flatmates airs every week day on DSTV channels 154 and 153 at 6.30pm and 7pm respectively. The Omnibus of the one which airs on 154 comes up on Saturday mornings  from 7am.



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