Day 143 of 365: My Flatmates (1)


One of my favourite Nigerian series if not my favourite is My Flatmates. It is the only Nigerian series that if I miss an episode or two I always always make sure I catch the Omnibus on Saturday mornings. Now My Flatmates is aired on 2 different cable channels (153 and 154 on DSTV) during the week.

The one aired on 154 is slightly older, I think it must be from last season while 153 is relatively new content. The one shown on 154 is the one which the Omnibus airs every Saturday morning. So last week I was watching as usual from 6.30pm on 154 and I was just laughing loudly all by myself. I wish I could narrate the whole episodes for the week.

It was about one of¬† Frank’s (Basketmouth) guys who came to Lagos from Benin City. Young Money came to Lagos because he was scammed by a trusted ally of the Obasohan family (Frank’s family) called Osakpolo/Osakpilo. The dialogue was sick but another interesting¬† thing was Young Money who bandied himself as a Hip Hop star had a Hypeman called Kolele who always picked a line from whatever anybody said and shouts it out adding the word chair. For example Young Money asks is Osakpolor a yahoo boy, Kolele will shout by saying he is a yahoo chair.

I had not seen a funnier 5 episodes than the one I saw last week. It was hilarious. After watching Friday’s episode I was eagerly waiting for Saturday morning so I could catch the Omnibus. The whole 5 episodes were as funny as the first time I saw it.

I must give credit to Kayode Peters and Basketmouth for reviving the series. I will talk about my favourite character(s) in the series some day.

This post was meant for yesterday but I had so good a day yesterday, I had to let y’all know.



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