Day 137 of 365: Tolu was stuck in a RUT!!!


So my friend and little sis Tolu wrote about being stuck in a rut. It happens to the best of us really but at least unlike Dipo she spoke about it. She went on to say she’s engaged in a series of activities but not making actual progress and being busy but not particularly productive. Again this happens to the best of us, and like she said it is only a phase.

As much as she stated it is just a phase whenever I am stuck in a rut I never feel okay till it is over and as much as possible put up a happy face to mask how I am feeling. Yesterday was one of my rut days and what did I do? I took a long walk to my brother’s place. Had a chat with my sis-in-law and my niece, a few words with the bro and I was on my way home.

Maybe all I needed was to just see family. So Tolu there’s no one size fits all approach to escaping being stuck in a RUT but it will always pass. Stay Bubbly.



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