Day 13 of 365: Writing


I have never seen myself as a writer, I just do it for the fun of it. I always owe my supposed writing journey to a lady I met on twitter, she’s gone on to be a big star in directing movies and also producing them. You must have seen Omo Ghetto (The Saga), she was on that project as Assistant Director to JJC Skillz and Funke Akindele-Bello, shout out to Isioma Osaje aka MsJazzyfied.

She hooked me up with a writing gig whilst I was doing my Masters with entertainment site I wrote the “Diary of a Man Utd Fan” during the 2010/11 football season. I always had a thing for writing since my Secondary School days but really fell in love with it in 2011.

I will however rate the story I wrote about my current place of work as the biggest thing I have done with regard to writing. My friend Tomi Adesina gave me the idea and it was strangely supported by my Group Managing Director after showing him the first episode of what was to be a series but converted to a short film after it was done.

All characters in the short film were staff of the organization with no acting experience whatsoever, well except for maybe one of the characters (the main character) who had experience from a Nollywood flick. I also made a cameo appearance. You should watch it, it is titled “Courteville” and you can find it on YouTube.

Writing is something I love doing but I have relaxed a bit, tried writing a book but was somewhat discouraged. Maybe I will go back to it, maybe not.

Shout out to Tolu Omoyeni for putting up to this daily writing, hopefully I won’t fall your hand.

Till tomorrow!!!


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