Day 122 of 365: Fan Power


The bombshell of a European Super League (ESL) was dropped a couple of weeks ago and when it was looking like it will hold despite opposition from some players, a large number of clubs UEFA and FIFA, it was the fans of the clubs particularly the English teams that ensured the ESL didn’t see the light of the day. At least for now.

Manchester United was suppose to take on Liverpool today and days before the tie Man United fans had shown their disgust at the owners of the club particularly with regard to initially joining the ESL. They had spoken about their distrust in the owners of the club in a fans forum that had Manchester United Executive Chairman, Ed Woodward present.

About an hour before kick off it was reported that the fans got onto the pitch in a protest against the owners. Outside the stadium there were fans protesting and  there were also fans protesting outside the Lowry Hotel where the United team was. The fans are obviously tired of the Glazers (current owners of the club) and even ex Players and Skippers Roy Keane and Gary Neville understood where the fans were coming from.

These sets of fans that came out in protest have shown that the fans have a say and their voice was heard today. The game between Manchester United and Liverpool that was supposed to hold today at Manchester United’s home ground of Old Trafford was postponed due to the fans’ protest. A very peaceful protest at that in a country where it is understood that peaceful protest is a right .

Talk about FAN POWER.



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