Day 121 of 365: 12 Years On, Miss You DAD!!!


Hey dad, I know I don’t talk about you as I do with mum but guess you understand women more than I do. They are ones for attention and I know you weren’t the jealous type. Not talking about you often doesn’t take away your greatness, you are still a top man even in death. It’s now been 12 years you left us, and it still feels like yesterday to be honest. I was looking at your burial program the other day and I shed a tear.

I am thankful for the life you lived, I smile when people make reference to how helpful you were to them. I was at a party with one of your sons recently. It was filled with your Church people and I almost cried listening to how well you influenced a number of them. They are even trying to get me to be a member of one of the church groups, but they have 2 of your boys already and I think that should be fine jare.

I miss you a whole lot and your remembrance service in church today made me miss you more. The preacher called you a mentor, that made me smile.

Rest on dad. Love you



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