Day 106 of 365: Just Communicate Eh?


So the other day I was speaking with a friend, one that can analyse me through and through and would be accurate with his assertion. The conversation wore on and we didn’t know we had been talking for close to 3 hours, they say time flies when you are having fun.

We flashed back to when we were pretty young, then out of the blues he asked, Dipo have you changed? I was shocked then I probed on what he meant and he was like since we were young I have always hated communicating how I feel especially when I am wronged or something is wrong generally. Though it was easy for him to decipher and maybe other people close to me. He said I need to be free in saying how I feel.

To be honest he was right and I am always shocked when he can tell that I am upset even when I try to mask it up with a smile or messing about. I told him I will work on it, its hard for me but I will put in an effort.

Dipo, just communicate.




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