Day 104 of 365: Banana and Groundnut


The furthest I had gone by road prior to 2012 was Ekiti State, Efon Alaye to be precise for a wedding. I am usually wary of buying stuff to eat on road trips so I don’t mess up my tummy so the Efon trip was me just snoozing and praying we got there early. That’s that as far as that is concerned.

Fast forward to 2012, June to be exact. My man Stan was getting married in Delta State, I don’t think I would have had an excuse not to go Ubuluku in Delta State. I mean it is Stanley I am talking about. The groom had gone a couple of days ahead and I had to go with some of his family friends the day before the event.

We set out that Friday morning and we were gisting and listening to music. Then we got to Ore and everybody except yours truly started ordering for Banana and Groundnut and I was wondering what sort of combo was that. They asked if I was interested and I said no in caps. They bursted out in laughter, that kind that reeks you don’t know what you are missing.

When we got to our destination, they dropped me off at Stan’s hotel as per best man and myself and the groom got talking, that was how I mentioned the Banana and Groundnut tale. He laughed so hard and said when you hardly leave Lagos how will I know it was a nice combination.

To cut the long story short, en route Lagos I was the first to order for Banana and Groundnut at Ore and again I was the butt of all jokes. Oh by the way that has to be the best road trip snack discovered.

Thank You!!!


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