Day 102 of 365: Does walking away from conflict make you WEAK?


Tolunimi inspired this post as she posted something quite similar on her blog. She’s the reason I am doing this daily post anyway so why can’t I bite from her. She’s a good writer too and you can check her blog out;

So I am occasionally tagged a bottler, no I am not an Arsenal or a Tottenham Hotspur fan. I mean bottler as per people say I bottle in my real feelings whenever there is conflict or I am offended. For example someone upsets me and I am expected to bicker about it, throw tantrums or start an argument or what have you.

I will rather walk away in this situation because my peace of mind is more important. Its not that I am not hurt or something but making a fuss about it is not just my thing. I also want to avoid saying things I cannot take back.

Again peace of mind is key. I have been told numerous times to always say how I feel but it’s hard, really hard. Working on it though and should get there in a bit even though I still think I will rather be temporarily hurt than to lose an acquaintance.

So does walking away from conflict make one WEAK???



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