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Cristiano Ronaldo shed tears of joy after receiving his second ever Balon D’or. Genuine tears in my opinion, he worked hard for this prize and he truly deserved it. He left my beloved Man Utd for Real Madrid in the summer of 2009 for a record fee of £80m. At the time he seemed over priced but now it looks like he was under-valued. He has been so consistent with his goal scoring for the Madrid side that he has scored more goals than the games he has played (230 goals in 223 games in all competitions) and he isn’t a natural born striker.
Some people will argue that Ronaldo didn’t deserve the Balon D’or because Messi was injured, they will say he didn’t shine till towards the end of the year and that Madrid didn’t win any trophy last year. Well valid points for the sake of argument but I am glad we all saw the Glo CAF awards and you saw that it wasn’t by gathering all the trophies but strictly by individual brilliance. So I put it to you who was better than Ronaldo last year? Please don’t tell me because Messi was injured blah blah blah, at least he got injured towards the end of the year or that Franck Ribery won this, this, this and that for Bayern. The only thing Wesley Sneidjer didn’t win in 2010 was the World Cup but he got to the final having a superb tournament and a wonderful club season winning a treble with Inter Milan. Hmmmm what did Messi win that year again o? Oh ok the Copa Del Rey lasan and he was crowned best player in the world despite his country Argentina being bruised, battered and brushed in a quarter final match of the 2010 World Cup by Germany.
I was shocked when I heard Ribery made it to the top 3. I think Arjen Robben was a better player for the all conquering Bayern Munich side that won the Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal cup, Champions league and most recently the world club cup. Anyway that’s that, glad Cristiano won the Balon D’or and I know he can still win it three more times. On twitter I put a tweet up saying “Ronaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldo………. 3 more Balon D’or to go”. Yea call me a dreamer. Anyway the tweet hadn’t even been posted before one of my brothers responded saying “did TB Joshua predict Messi’s death”. I don’t care if people think Messi is better than Ronaldo, we all can’t be on the same ship. Let’s see what happens when Xavi & Iniesta no longer exist and I don’t mean if they die, I meant when they leave Barca.
The FIFPRO XI is a list I will never agree with. Four players from Barcelona? Come on that’s so unfair. Bayern’s David Alaba didn’t even make the cut and he had a better season overall than Dani Alves did. Barca surely had more players on the FIFPRO XI than shots they could muster (forgive me if that word isn’t appropriate) against Bayern Munich in both legs of their Champions League match up. Remember Bayern won 7-0 on aggregate.
Now that’s what a football award ceremony should look like, not because Ronaldo won but compared to our CAF awards I think only one artiste performed at the Balon D’or. The CAF awards was like a Star Quest concert in my opinion……. Sigh though I won’t lie I enjoyed D’banj and Lagbaja’s performances. Seriously what was the billboard that accompanied every award recipient’s plaque?
Thanks for reading guys. Happy Eid El Maulud and remember to sip easy whether it’s booze, soda or water. Much love.
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  1. “I don’t know if it would have been different if I hadn’t been injured, but I was out for a long time. It meant I wasn’t in the best shape at the end of the Champions League and meant I started the season injured. I was a long time out, but that has nothing to do with it. Cristiano had a great year and he won it on merit.” – Lionel Messi
    I like this part, an excellent show of sportsmanship:
    “…but that has nothing to do with it. Cristiano had a great year and he won it on merit.”


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