Braces: The Reason Why I Can Smile


Before I begin, let me say a big thank you to my mum for getting me to wear braces. I no fine, I no go come fit smile again? I wasn’t conscious of how smiling could warm hearts until I got into University, no be say I dey somo o (not that I am a womanizer). I only smiled when I was around family and close friends but trust me you wouldn’t catch me shining my teeth in public (pre – University era). Thanks again mum for getting me to wear braces and continue to rest in peace.

It was end of session (JSS 1) and on getting home from school (boarding house), my mum did her usual routine body check and as a dental therapist the teeth were her core focus. A look at the front two shooting out from the top were getting slight taps from her index finger and I was looking at her like, what are you doing. Next thing she said was we were going in for an appointment with an Orthodontist on Monday. I asked her why, like I knew what she meant and she said smiling, you my baby boy need to look finer than you are at the moment (the blushing no get part 2 or 3 sef). She didn’t say more and warmed that special spaghetti for me.

Monday morning and we went to see Dr. D, she examined my teeth and said some funny jargons to my mum which made mumsy smile. The smile assured me I wasn’t being sold and that at least something good was going to come out of the process. I was scheduled for an appointment which was two weeks after my first meeting with Dr. D. I went to my cousins’ for a couple of weeks and 2 days before I was to see Dr. D I had typhoid. Dr. D who is a stark disciplinarian wasn’t having any of that illness crap. She told my mum she had to start the process and the way she was talking you would think she was about to take out my teeth, I got scared.

The braces were finally fixed and I wasn’t comfy. I always kept my mouth shut and eating was difficult for the first few days. Dr. D warned me to steer clear sweets, chocolates and biscuits like home wheat (I loved that biscuit ehn) and I will probably use the braces for 8 months or less. You know when they give you an instruction and you know from the get go you wouldn’t adhere to it. Me stay off my childhood (azzin stay off sugar, at what age nah)? In the first week it was easy to abstain but the following week I was tempted by my cousin, he was taking the best chocolate ever made (Snickers) and there was no way I was going to say NO to that even though he didn’t offer me.

Some people saw me as a young Alhaji with the braces glued to my teeth while some thought I was some sort of monster or vampire. Some people were like it must have cost a fortune while some were even scared to shake hands with me. It took a lot of explaining on what the braces were and the frustrating thing was that I had to do that every day.
I went to Dr. D few weeks after the braces were fixed and I got sticks from her. She was upset that I didn’t stick to the instructions she gave me. She sternly said I will wear the braces for a long time at the rate I am going. She gave me tiny rubbers that I will attach to the braces which will aid the setting of the teeth (I suffer ehn) and I was expected to eat with the rubbers on. Did I mention she gave me a whole lot of rubbers (get your mind out of the gutter, it wasn’t condoms)? I instantly knew this s**t was about to get serious. Was to Leave for school 2 days later and I wasn’t looking forward to it at all, because too many questions about my braces was going to freak me out.

Got to school late (6.30pm), it was getting dark and I was able to dodge questions from my roommates that night. I unpacked my stuff after a few handshakes and hood hugs (is that what they call the side hug?). I managed to hide the braces for a couple of weeks until ***************
To be continued with your permission because I am not sure if I have bored you with this piece, lol.

Thanks for reading and do have a fabulous week ahead…….. Stay Blessed

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  1. wud like to av the concluding part, u were so damn quiet n mouth shut then, it was even bisola adebajo dt explained the reason for ur quietness, and wn u gat it remuvd, u were the noise-est, jt kiddin, kip it up, conclude d piece asap.


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