Australian Open Final 2013


Tennis is a wonderful sport and I have been a follower thanks to my late dad. Though I think his favourite sport was ping pong because I actually saw him play that. ‘Think’ being the key word. The game of lawn tennis as it is popularly called is a no contact sport which explains why it isn’t my favourite sport. I am not gay because I know that’s what some y’all be thinking (so why does he like contact sports?).  I love team sports, take a look at football or basketball for example. They work together for one good which is winning. Tennis is all about winning too but when you are injured you retire or that’s the end till you are fit again. We your fans won’t have to wait in the case of football or basketball and other team sports I know about. You just get replaced and we move on.
Back to the topic, I have just only ever seen one tennis game from beginning to end before. It was the matchup between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic in the January 2011 Australian Open final (30/01/2011). GOD forgive me I was meant to be in church on that day, I had had my bath and was waiting for my senior bro and his wife to get ready. By the way my bro is a massive fan of every sport, I mean all sports. Who the hell likes cricket? Well he does and knows everything about cricket. I cited cricket because it’s the worst sport ever hahahahahahahaha. Sorry my cricket fans though, just being honest. Anyways whilst my bro was having his bath the game had started. Before they were both ready eventually Djokovic had won the first 6-4. Something just told me Djokovic would deal with Murray sharply in straight sets so I skipped church and stayed back to finish the game. I wasn’t shocked at all. He (Djokovic) claimed victory winning two more sets 6-2, 6-3. Easy Peasy. Who the hell is Murray? Even Roger Federer (The greatest of all times) sef chop straight sets from Djoko in the semifinal, shior. Though Murray always had a better head to head against the Fed Express, But Djokovic was having none of that jor.  Okay my point with all this story is that a 90minute sport (football specifically) is simply the best.
Roger Federer used to be my best player and I still support him though (Nadal fans your boy can’t catch the Fed Express). Novak Djokovic is meeting Andy Murray again in the Australian Open final on Sunday (27/01/2013) after they beat both beat tough opponents in the semifinals. They both beat David Ferrer and Roger Federer respectively. Who am I placing my bets on? Djokovic ofcourse. Why? He is the best. What if he loses? O lose noni…… lmao
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