Atiku Was The Man


It’s rare to hear me talk politics, I would rather talk football, play pranks or simply do what I do best which is keep to myself. The last 6 months has seen me talk politics, maybe because I got conscious of happenings around me or I have simply become more matured (take your pick). I don’t know if I have bragged about the best chat room on the face of the planet before but I will do so again even if I had. Naija Pundits as this group is called is one group that I have actually been able to participate in conversations freely without holding back. These ladies and gentlemen, yes we have two ladies in our midst, are very brilliant minds. The group was initially created for football gists but we have found ourselves talking about much more (politics, movies, series, relationship, business ideas, exhibit stupidity etc).

So towards the end of last year, the last quarter of 2014 precisely the talk about politics got intense and anytime politics is mentioned I try to take their attention off it but they simply ignore me. It was then I knew the saying “if you can’t beat them it’s best you join them” was effective. In no time I started sharing my political views (not that I have much) with some of my colleagues and bosses, I registered to vote and ensured I got my Permanent Voters Card (PVC). I haven’t confessed this to the lads before but they made me register and vote. It was like they had spies on me. It’s what integrity does to a man (Act like your every move is watched). I started talking politics and even the guys in the group were shocked. I voted and I was glad I did.

I just have this short summary of all that has happened in the Nigerian¬† political sphere over the past year till date. It has been a well played script and in as much as I respect Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s (this man has been around like forever) role in handing the All Progressives Congress (APC) the chance to rule Nigeria I will also give kudos to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar for the initial creation of another People’s Democratic Party (PDP) or the threat to create another PDP (which ever works for you) and the defection of some major PDP players ¬†to the APC. The division created at the National level which paved way for defecting elements (or people if its what you prefer) to APC is something Atiku should be lauded for. It surely opened the eyes of Nigerians.
Alhaji Atiku Abubakar for me was the man who made it happen for APC. I rest my case.
Remember I am at the beginner’s level when it comes to talking politics so tamper justice with mercy when reading this and forgive me for I probably might not know what I am saying.

I’m glad all these political brouhaha is over, at least for the next four years. My Naija Pundits will go back to talking about things I can really enjoy and contribute to confidently without falling out of place.
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Thanks for your time people.

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  1. Dude! What do you mean by Atiku made it happen for APC? Did you also consider the tearing of his PDP membership card by OBJ and the utter arrogance of PDP neglecting important issues and thinking they would get reelected by buying people over. I simply feel that the Nigerian electorate has come of age and Atiku had little or nothing to do about it, if the President elect messes up we vote him out also until they all know how to lead.

    • Sir Longe,
      OBJ’s tearing of his membership card didn’t pave way for defections. Yes, that single act might have had some impacts but i think he focused more on what brought about the tearing of the card in the first place. You are only permitted to defect to another party if there’s a division in ur party at the NATIONAL level… Need i remind you Atiku “created” another PDP after the outcome of the presidential primaries? … I rest my case

    • Thanks for reading, but if you read to the end you would have seen that I said I am still at the beginner’s level in this politics talk.


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