An Advantage of Junk Food


I was racking my head on the job yesterday when I decided to pick up my phone to call Stan the only person I can dump my frustrations on without remorse. He has never stayed mad at me for more than 30 seconds. Before I made the call I went to Whatsapp and saw a message from one of my sisters.

It was my niece Fifi who was with the phone. She goes;

Uncle Dipo, I am on holiday, my school is busy with convocation this week.

Good morning.

I have a debate in school, I am to argue to allow junk food in school. Please I need one reason.

I was shocked, I had to be sure about the question. So I was like; Allow junk food and she responded with a yes. I said okay. The only thing that came to my mind felt silly but I always never want to let people down and besides if I gave her something that wasn’t going to be helpful her parents will cross-check and correct it.

So I told her; Junk food is easily available and kids love it. She responded with, Yay, a thank you and an emoji (Smiling face with hearts). I was shocked but hey she said thank you, that should count for something.

I told a few people and some thought my answer was not right saying I encouraged her to support the consumption of Junk Food. Someone had to argue for and she was picked to do that. I was glad Fifi was in this position, it should help for critical analysis as she grows. And yes she knows junk food is not healthy.

I didn’t get to call Stan again though the guy called me today. Still crazy as ever. I await the outcome of Fifi’s debate.



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