Alcohol Celibacy Continues


After a long day and frustrating end I needed something to kill my current state of mind. Stopped at the joint a few blocks from the house to have a drink. I sat down and the cute waitress walked up to me smiling. You know that smile a petrol attendant gives someone driving into the fuel station with a V6 engine? The yes I don hammer smile? It was the same smile she was flashing at me.

When she got to my table, she said hello and even asked how my day went. I responded smiling & shining my tiny teeth. She asked me what I would love to drink and answered saying Power Horse. Her smile switched to a confused look. She walked away and I know she dissed me in her mind. I laughed out loud knowing I had disappointed her. She eyed me and sent a little boy to bring my drink.

See me see trouble o. No be wetin I like I go drink? Anyway after my drink I walked up to her and tipped her (won’t give details jor). She smiled and said thank you.
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  1. Hold on a second bro, can u feel us in on the reason (if any) behind this decision. Meanwhile, stick to water and give room for more booze to be available to the ‘non-celibate’ dudes around, guy Power Horse na waste of resources…lol! Whatever u decide bro, all d best.


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