A La Ponche: My Man


I met this Ponche dude officially in 2006 in Uni though I had been seeing him around but we never just had cause to get acquainted. I always say this and I have never been proved wrong, football is the best thing to have happened to man after of course our mothers. His cousin GB introduced us one evening when we went to play footie and from then on, he has been one of my closest friends.

When GB introduced him as Ponche I was wondering what kind of name it was though I knew immediately it had to be in relation with his love for alcohol. Ponche has one of the best Yoruba names I have ever heard (Akinlolu). The funny thing is the clown never introduces himself by his real name, it’s always Ponche he calls himself. His parents call him Ponche too.

The day we met we were seated watching some guys play football and we started gisting. We gisted for few minutes and the next thing he said was wo ball yi n dull me, mo fe lo mu beer jor (this football game is dulling me, I want to go and drink beer). He got up and asked me if I was interested, I told him no and he walked away. I marvelled at this dudes character. He is one of a kind. I saw him the next day and he was like I missed out on the fun of the preceding day. He said the catfish was singing Kevin Lyttle’s “Turn Me On” to him and the beer was so cold he lost count of how many he had.

There was a day he went to drink one hot afternoon after he finished lectures for the day, he cracked myself and his hall mates up, giving people all sorts of names. He called one of his Friends Femi trying to live, that’s the only one I can remember for now. After making us laugh, he got up to go and have a bath and when he was done he started shouting saying who took my phone, who took my phone. I gave him my phone so he could call it, he collected my phone and walked away to call his. He came back saying it was switched off. In his words, He said Dipo the lady that talks when you make unconnected calls said the phone was switched off in capital letters (SWITCHED OFF). I mean this guy is 50 shades of insane.

Why am I writing this particular post? Well no particular reason and quite frankly this dude is a great guy no doubt and I always say if I lived my life the way this guy does I wouldn’t have any worries. He takes each day as it comes and he is one I can vouch for.

Thanks for your time peeps and watch out for my top 10 songs of 2013. I remember getting some sticks for not including Olamide’s 1st of all in 2012’s list but you guys should also remember that I said 2013 was going to be a big year for him (Olamide) and Phyno too.
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  1. Ponche great guy , he would always make u forget ur worries @ dat point in time . I really fank God for meeting u guys. Ur guys rock .


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