9 Years A Slave




Thomas Vermaelen lifts the trophyNever mind about the post title. Just needed something catchy and I hope I caught your attention. 9 years a slave is dedicated to two of my brothers, Sir Greg and Damz Baba. Two true Gooners I have known all my life, two Gunners who’s faith in Arsenal (no thanks to Wenger’s tight fists) wavered at some point but still rose and stood tall. Trust me you don’t want to be in the same room with these dudes when Assnal plays badly. I am sure if the living room Televison could act on its own, it will never come on whenever Damz tries to turn it on. I understand how these wonderful men feel, because it’s not easy for you to burn money on your team’s merchandize and end up trophyless at the end of the season. They endured 9 years of barrenness with Arsenal. There were times they wanted Arsene Wenger out but you know when you speak at the point of anger, you really don’t mean what comes out of your mouth. These guys despite Arsenal not winning any trophy will still verbally frustrate those of us that supported teams (especially Manchester United fans) that have medals or trophies to show for a productive season………………… GREAT MEN.
To other Assnal fans, I acknowledge you and your patience finally paid off this day the 17th of May, 2014 when your team won the FA Cup to equal Man Utd’s record of 11 FA cup trophies. I apparently didn’t really watch the game live because I was driving and I was seriously hating on my friend who was in the car with me watching the game on my Walka. He was screaming and enjoying the game while I focused on getting us safe to our next destination. I brought the car to a halt at my friend’s place. She packed lunch for me because I told her I was craving jollof rice at the time. A bottle of fruit wine accompanied the meal. The next stop was my daughter’s place, yea you remember her right? The gorgeous Debs, I knew I wasn’t going to get a glimpse of the game though because I had missed her. Like a loving and considerate daughter she is, she allowed me catch the remainder of the first half. The first half ended 2-1 in favour of Arsenal’s opponents which happened to be Hull City. After the first half I promised to check on her the next day and she was happy. I left her zone after saying hello to one of my brothers and a high school friend of mine just before the second half would kicked off. I was hoping I would meet Damz at home but he wasn’t in the house so I continued watching the game with big bro and my friend. Though I didn’t really pay attention. Arsenal eventually won the game 3-2 ending their 9 year wait of winning a meaningful trophy, yes a meaningful trophy not that Emirates cup which they hardly even won after a while.
Trust me, I had not seen Damz this happy in a long while, he wasn’t half as happy as this when he made his first class in Uni (he went to Naija’s best school, go figure) compared to this triumphant night, forget the opposition. Immediately he sighted myself and Phammo at the Ozone lounge, he was screaming at the top of his voice, saying 9years drought ended, 9 years this, 9 years that. He wasn’t alone though, he was with a mutual friend of ours (OmoOba Artistry). They both saw the game at the lounge and they narrated events of the game to us telling us those that played well and those that should be arrested for poor performance making particular reference to Poldolski and Ozil. They danced, screamed, threw jibes and tickled us, lol. It was allowed because they had forgotten what it meant to win a trophy. My 8 year old nephew had never witnessed an Arsenal fan celebrate a trophy and Damz was quick to point that out, hahahaha. I couldn’t even relate to what Damz was feeling because I support a team that barely goes trophy-less over a year not to now talk of 9 years. So Damz decided to spoil me and a couple of friends and we headed to a joint around the area, where he bought drinks and stuff to chew on that would go down well with the drinks.
It was a FANTASTIC day for Damz and sad I wasn’t where Sir Greg was, would have loved to see his reaction after winning a trophy. OmoOba and Damz entertained us though with some dance steps and this really showed how excited they were, all Damz blabbed about all through was the game, stating how Arsenal hardly ever bounced back whenever they were 2 goals or more down. He was madly impressed with Aaron Ramsey, a player he couldn’t stand this time last year, lol. He gave Laurent Koscielny a mention too, Arteta and Sanogo were also in his good books on the night not forgetting to point out Wenger’s tactical nous when he brought on Jack Wilshere and Tomas Rosicky in extra time. In his words, Wenger is a GENIUS.
Massive shout out to my Arsenal friends, especially those that I met the season after their last FA Cup win. People like Ponche, Istubee, Serrutti, Larry, Femten and those I met afterwards most especially Moyo P, GW and many others I can’t remember now. You guys can finally have some peace from my sticks or disses. CONGRATULATIONS.
Yea the post is titled 9 years a Slave because it’s been 9 years true Arsenal fans have witnessed football success, now they have been freed from the trophy drought. I know many fans that have dumped or abandoned the club. Congrats again to Arsenal and their fans world over.
Now our focus is turned to the biggest final in club football. The UEFA champions league final between Real Madrid and the newly crowned kings of Spain, Atletico Madrid. My money is on Real though, because they are one of the other four teams that excite me in football. Hallaaaaaaaa MADRID !!!!!!!!
Thanks for your time guys, and do have a fabulous week filled with blessings from the ALMIGHTY.
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  1. God save you…even tho i no get a shout out too, i no vex. you need to see how nervy i was while it was 2-1 on 70 mins, my lady had to tap me and stressed that i should calm down cos its just a game…she is a Liverpool fan so she does not know what Arsenal means to us fans. At the blast of the final whistle, one ibo guy we shared a table with actually counted 10k, dropped it on the table and asked all Arsenal fans to join the table while they serve booze….the atmosphere changed to gunnersphere as people were jubilant. i cant forget that day, not in a hurry cos it was a labored victory. You guys should invent new lines of bant, guess these are our catalysts to success.

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