What’s Your Kind of Car?


I turn automobiles to hotels on wheels, I have got money for a room, it’s just the fact that I am trill- Jay Z (Parking Lot Pimping from the Dynasty album). That’s a line from one of my favourite Jay-Z songs.

So I am not a car freak but when I see a good car I know one. I have a cousin who is my go to person if I need to know the most expensive car, the best in terms of functionality, the year of manufacture, the amount of cylinder a car has and what have you. Shoutout to Labimbi.
People always find it weird that I am tall, 6feet 3inches precisely but whenever I am asked what my favourite car was I never mention a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). It’s not  that I don’t like SUVs o, or maybe it’s my phobia for heights, lol. That’s story for another day. My favourite SUVs apparently are the Land Rover Discovery Sport, BMW X 5 and maybe a G-Waggie. However, a drop top Bentley Azure is a car I would love to own.
Mercedes G-Wagon (Image: Daily Express)
So a conversation ensued between 2 men I respect, it was about a car, an SUV precisely just so you know a Lexus GX570 (2014 Model). One said to the owner of the car, this your car is really nice and he really maintained it well. The owner responded saying yeah it is a very good car.
Lexus GX570 (Image: YouTube)
This begs the question of what appeals to one in a car. For me apart from a smooth body, neat interior I just want it to be able to play music, good air-conditioning, nice alloy wheels and finally in reference to my opening line, I like cars that has enough room for my long legs. Like my cousin used to say back in the day; Gbedu blasting (solid music player) , Oye chilling (Nice air conditioner) and Alloy Wheeling (lovely alloy wheels). Shoutout to Sean. I am not into all those other computer based or automatic functionality in a car.
So what appeals to you in a car?


  1. My dream car is the convertible Mini Cooper. I love that it looks like a race car and also looks like a box (weird I know)
    I also used to love the convertible Lexus. Hmmm maybe I have a thing for drop tops.


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