6-5-3-2: Marching On


No it’s not a rugby formation, it’s simply the number of countries representing the various Continents (Europe, South America, North America & Africa) left at the World Cup currently holding in Brazil. The World Cup group games ended on Thursday June 26, 2014 and it was sure full of surprises with 3 defending champions (Spain, England and Italy) knocked out. Yea my England was knocked out and I have moved on. I have been playing a prediction game online and it’s no Naija bet, Bet 1960 or the likes. I am not into gambling and if you want to verify my claims you can visit wc14.coelrind.co.uk. I am currently placed 3rd overall but that’s just before the round of 16 games, I also had the highest amount of spot on predictions (that is, I predicted 9 outcomes correctly) in the group phase. I also predicted Africa will have 2 representatives in the 2nd round, remember Africa has never produced two countries at a time at this stage. I predicted England’s top scorer right though they scored only two goals and had two different scorers (Daniel Sturridge and Wayne Rooney).
6 represents the amount of European sides left at the World Cup and they are Netherlands, Greece, France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. My likely qualifiers for the quarter finals amongst the lot are Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. I know Nigeria will beat France (though this prediction is subject to change depending on how I feel on Monday), Costa Rica will surely roll over Greece and Argentina will devour Switzerland.
There are 5 South American teams left at the tournament which means 5 of the 6 South American teams that qualified from this region still have a chance to lift the trophy. The 5 teams are hosts Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Uruguay. My take for the teams to get through to the quarter finals are Brazil, Argentina and Columbia. Brazil will have it tough against Chile but I believe being at home will be an advantage for the Selecao, as a matter of fact I have predicted that the worst that can happen to Brazil is losing in the semi-finals. Argentina will definitely cruise past Switzerland and Colombia though faced with an arduous task will overcome a Uruguay side without Suarez.
3 is the number North American teams left. Mexico, Costa Rica and USA. The surprise package for me in this competition has to be Costa Rica. A solid side going forward and sturdy side defensively even as there have been chants that they haven’t met a really good side. Well if they could beat Italy and Uruguay and also avoid defeat to the Three Lions of England then my definition of a really good side must be flawed. I can confidently say that Costa Rica will beat Greece but Mexico will lose to the Netherlands and I think I will seat on the fence as regards the USA versus Belgium game. Remember I said likely qualifiers from Europe are Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.
And 2 which is my favourite number of the lot listed (6, 5, 3 and 2) is the amount of African sides left. Nigeria and Algeria are the two African Nations flying the continent’s flag. Nigeria went through the group stage drawing Iran, beating Bosnia Herzegovina and losing to Argentina but I think Algeria was in a tougher group. Algeria lost to Belgium, beat Korea Republic and got the needed draw against Russia to proceed to the next round. Nigeria will shock the World by beating France but Algeria should pack their stuff before leaving the hotel because there’s no way Germany will lose to them.
No country from Asia (Australia, Japan, Korea Republic and Iran) made it through to the 2nd round.
My best player of the tournament so far has to be Thomas Mueller, he has played 9 World Cup games (between 2010 and now) and scored 9 goals with 4 assists. Honourable mentions to Robin Van Persie and Arjen Robben (both of Netherlands), Neymar and Oscar (Brazil), Clint Dempsey (USA), Lionel Messi (yea you read that right) and Angel Di Maria (Argentina), Karim Benzema, Blaise Matuidi and Paul Pogba (France), Vincent Enyeama (Nigeria) and Alexis Sanchez (Chile).
Thanks for your time guys, do have a wonderful weekend and say no to VIOLENCE!!!
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