314 of 365: She Laughed it OFF!!!


On Monday morning my niece sent me WhatsApp messages and the messages read thus; Good morning Uncle Dipo. I have remembered you, you have not been visiting us. How are you? It weakened me, I mean I still saw her 2 weeks ago. Anyways kids don’t lie, even if she says she hasn’t seen me in aeons then its true.

So I decided to stop by and see her this morning but her cute face just made me change my mind from just seeing her to wanting to take her to school. En route as she was trying to eat her breakfast she was engaging me in a conversation on how school had been and stuff. When we got close to her school I saw some ladies jogging and I said to her I think I need a girlfriend.

She just laughed and I asked her why she laughed, with a smile on her face she said you have a girlfriend and she hopped out of the car.




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