2010 Christmas In ABZ

Blair, yours truly, FO and Jim

The bro and his wife were going to London for Christmas and I didn’t even ask if I could tag along because I wanted to experience what Christmas felt like in ABZ. Pardon me, we call Aberdeen (Scotland) ABZ or pronounced as Abs. The couple left on the morning of the 24th of December and I decided to go cut my hair after they left and strangely a lady cut my hair for me for the first time (a great day loomed).
Hair cut out of the way, had my bath and headed out to hang out with my reading buddy so we could at least work on our course works for a bit before having fun later. I went with a bottle of Jack Daniels (JD). Bro called me that they had touched down London safely and advised I bought whatever I needed before Christmas day. I took the advice with a pinch of salt not knowing I would regret it (I am generally not stubborn and my brothers and friends can attest to this, lol).

After working on the course work for a couple of hours, Mo made dinner for us and boy she can cook, as a matter of fact she loved cooking. We had eba and ewedu and afterwards FO, Pete and I started drinking the JD mixing it with Sprite. We tried to read some more but hey who were we fooling? We slept off in turns whilst gisting to wrap up the day. When we all woke up at about past 10pm, we decided to take a walk to get more drinks as Christmas day drew closer. It dawned on us that no Tesco, Sainsbury or ASDA opened on the day. We were hopeful and kept walking on when two white men approached us, though we were shocked until we heard their accent and found out they were Canadians. They apparently came to work on an oil rig but got stuck in Aberdeen due to bad weather. So they asked us where the action was and that they were looking for where to get booze.

BL, yours truly, FO and JM

Alas we found like minded people. We told them it was exactly the same thing we were hunting for and all 5 of us continued the search. We walked into small stores to find out if they had booze or knew where we could get but the response we got was same; no place would be opened till after the holidays. We were still very hopeful and we kept walking until we met an old man in a Mini Mart and engaged him in conversation asking him if he could just tell us where to get drinks. His response brightened our day when he said we should walk to the end of Market Street which was about 2 kilometers away from where we were and that we would find a Polish Pub there.

We got to the Pub and guess what? They were still open, it looked like their day had just started. I was like thank GOD, we finally found one. We had booze and snacked on chicken wings while at it. We didn’t head home till about 2.30am.

It was a Christmas to remember. I made new friends, walked a distance for booze and got my hair cut by a lady.


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