20 Facts About Me


Here are 20 random facts about me, would have loved to give you 100 though:

1. I love football/soccer a great deal. I support Manchester United. Apart from Manchester United I follow Aston Villa, Newcastle United, Juventus, Real Madrid & England keenly but Manchester United is my number one team.

2. I will always turn down a meal of rice on a 1st visit to your place but will never say no to eba & okra. Yes its safe to say Eba and okra is my favourite meal.

3. Football jerseys are my weakness, be warned just Manchester United, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Juventus, Real Madrid, England and maybe Nigeria’s jerseys will be accepted
4. I don’t exercise but if I am called to jog to Ibadan I will (Love jogging)
5. I am shy to a fault (Working on this though)
6. Since my mum’s death, I make it a habit of mentioning her name daily (Avowed Mummy’s Boy I am)
7. I am very sensitive and considerate
8. I have a crush on Serena Williams, Queen Latifah, Rosario Dawson, Zoe Saldana, Tatyana Ali and Alicia Silverstone, yes na only me
9. I am a big Jay Z fan
10. My love for NBA teams isn’t constant, I swap teams with my favourite player and at the moment I am an Oklahoma City Thunder fan.When Kevin Durant leaves, I will move with him
11. Born December, 29
12. My favourite board game is Scrabble but Snakes and Ladders used to be my favourite
13. My favourite book is Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography

14. If I love something, you all will pay because I won’t stop yapping about it
15. I have dreams of being any of the following; an OAP, actor, brand ambassador, football pundit & my favourite of the lot football manager/coach
16. I prefer turkey, I believe chicken is a scam
17. I am 6ft 3inches tall
18. I love kids
19. My favourite movie is A Low Down Dirty Shame
20. You will always find me spell GOD in caps

Thanks for your time guys, remain BLESSED

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  1. Aaaaaaah! Dat was a fast one
    Dips, u didn’t tell us all.
    What about your interest for yellow pawpaw (ladies)
    U didn’t tell us about ur favourite drink @ d moment “Orijin”.
    Tell us about Michael VI.
    Nice write-up, keep it up bro.
    One day u will make us proud just like kanu did.


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