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I just can’t help but talk about this beautiful sport called football. Trust me it’s GOD’S best gift to man. I love watching football but five teams excite me and Barcelona nor  Arsenal is one of them. I watch these five teams for reasons best known to me but anyone who knows me or has been following this blog know that Manchester United is my all time favourite. The other teams I love are Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Juventus and Real Madrid in no particular order.
Back to the topic of discussion, there are many footballers I admire but these 10 players I want to mention stand out. They are always a  joy to watch even if I hate the teams some of  them play for. Find my list below and feel free to criticise but please don’t forget this is my opinion (lol).
1. Andreas Iniesta – words cant describe the skills this dude is packed with. The last player I can vividly remember that was as exciting as this lad was the great Zizou (Zinedine Zidane). Though he plays for a team I hate with a passion (Barcelona), yes thank you, dem beat us for two finals. He is no doubt my best footballer.
2. Wayne Rooney – this lad has passion written all over his face. He used to be my number one player between 2008 and 2010 until the transfer saga of the summer of 2010. His form dropped and he has not been at his very best ever since though he is still Man Utd’s most important player (no disrespect to the other players) . He is hardworking and a delight to watch.
3. Cristiano Ronaldo – this dude is brilliant.  Got pace and he makes goal scoring look easy. He also strikes the ball well. I love  players who take shots from outside the box. He has scored with one eye before. When Messi does that, I will  finally doff my hat, if he likes he should cut his eye before getting on the pitch, na hin know.
4. Xavi Hernandez – simply put? Genius. One of the best ball passers we have today. Rumour has it that he is always fined for every misplaced pass. Thats how good he is. I maintain my  stand on  Xavi and Iniesta being the reason Messi ticks. What has Messi done for the Argentine national team?
5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – tall,  got a bit of pace and can also strike the ball well. He scored the best goal of 2012 for Sweden in a friendly against England. A superb bicycle kick from about 40 yards. Not  seen Messi do that too.
6. Yaya Toure – STRONG. I love strong footballers.
7. Robin Van Persie – I never thought I would ever say I like this guy. Infact till today I find it embarassing whenever he scores for my beloved Man Utd team and I scream goal. I always forget he doesnt play for Arsenal any more. 56 goals in 67 games. You gotta love this guy’s goal return.  I always fear players that use left legs. He can also hit the ball well.
8. Andrea Pirlo – this is a ball passer extraordinaire. I must confess even at his age I wouldn’t mind if he played a season for the Red Devils. He strikes the ball beautifully well, with so much ease.
9. Jack Wilshere – I became a massive fan of this lad during his loan spell at Bolton. A good tackler, a great passer and still very young. Himself, Danny Welbeck and Tom Cleverly will form he nucleus of the English national team in the nearest future.
10. Mousa Dembele – still cant phantom why Sir Alex Ferguson didnt sign this guy. Very industrious player, his only weakness is his final decision (if he should shoot or pass). That can  be worked on by a great manager.
There you have it, my ten best players. Yea no Messi, Neymar or Hazard. Trust me, I respect these players, I am not just a fan. Hmmmmm, I know I am wierd.
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